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Here are the rules for the Beach Volleyball tournament.  In case of any doubt the competition leader will decide. There are five separate poules at different levels with somewhat different rules:

  • Level A,   2x2: top level
  • Level B,   2x2: high/medium level
  • Level B+, 3x3: high/medium level
  • Level B-,  3x3: medium/low level
  • Level C,   4x4: recreational level

For all levels one substitute player is allowed

Playing schedule

Every team will receive a general program of Camppink 2017. However, the official playing schedule for each level will be placed at the side of each court, will be filled out by the teams, and must be returned to the competition leader at the end of all the games. The games consist of one or two sets of 21 rally points (2 points difference).

When all teams are present, each poule consists of 5 teams. In the qualification round each team plays for a qualification in the final rounds. The resulting top teams will compete for a top ranking in the afternoon. The teams that do not qualify for final rounds will compete for a specific position in the ranking.


All the teams are responsible for a smooth progress of the competition. Take a good look at the playing schedule, and be prepared when the preceding game is almost finished. The start of individual games will NOT be announced. Please remind yourself to deliver a referee in time too. During the tournament you can go to the central tent at any time in case of teams, and/or referees not showing up.

Keep in mind that games in the final rounds may take place on different courts.


Each team must deliver a referee, and score assistant according to the provided schedule. After the match the referee must note the results on the scorecard at the side of the court.

First serve

The team mentioned first in the schedule starts with the serve.

Rules of the game

The games will be played following the international rules for indoor volleyball. The exceptions to these rules are mentioned below:

  • Change of playing side: A change of playing side takes place after every 7 points (e.g. 3-4, 7-7 etc.).
  • Position in the field is free, except the sequence of the service.
  • A substitution may only take place at a change of playing side.
  • Time outs are not allowed.
  • The players are allowed to cross the middle line as long as they don’t hinder the opponents.
  • Blocking the ball is marked as playing the ball the first time.1
  • Placing the ball over the net is only allowed with smashing, stomping or hitting the ball with short (hard) contact or low arms. Placing the ball over the net with raised arms (soft contact) is not allowed.1
  • The serve-pass with soft contact is not allowed. 2

1 Rule does not apply to the C level
2 Rule does not apply to the B- level, and C level


A team gets 1 point for winning a set. The set points give the ranking of the teams in the competition. In case of two teams having the same number of points, first the positive balance of rally points, second the result of the match between the two teams, and at last the flip of the coin will be used to decide the final ranking.