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Camppink 2017
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Participating Teams


These are the volleyball teams that have fully paid and are now definitely enrolled.

Name Country Level
ZoJa Once Again Netherlands A (2x2)
Tsjongejonge Netherlands A (2x2)
Gay Sport Nijmegen Netherlands A (2x2)
THE coconuts Netherlands A (2x2)
Schatjes Belgium A (2x2)
Carlos&Gennaro Netherlands A (2x2)
Rode Naat Netherlands A (2x2)
Jean Netherlands A (2x2)
Feligeo Belgium B (2x2)
Denwin Netherlands B (2x2)
Mayday Netherlands B (2x2)
Jong Belegen Netherlands B (2x2)
Tropical surprise Netherlands B (2x2)
Dolls with balls Latvia B (2x2)
Immaculate Turkey B (2x2)
Pinky Rangers Netherlands B (2x2)
La cobra Germany B+ (3x3)
In de vergane gloria Netherlands B+ (3x3)
Peter Welleman Netherlands B- (3x3)
Beta Bitchez Netherlands B- (3x3)
Vulpes Netherlands B- (3x3)
Zandhaas Netherlands B- (3x3)
ketelputas Netherlands B- (3x3)
Dragon King Netherlands B- (3x3)


The following volleyball teams also have signed in.

Name Country Level
Água de Xuca Netherlands A (2x2)
LUVE MEU KU Netherlands A (2x2)
The youngest Netherlands B+ (3x3)